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Size 2 1/4" With 2 3/8" Cue Ball

Introducing the Aramith Premier Belgian Billiard Ball Set, which consists of 15 exceptional table balls and an Aramith cue ball. These balls exhibit a timeless design with numbers embedded in the stripes, meeting stringent aesthetic standards while maintaining an ideal balance between quality and affordability. The Aramith balls boast the following features:

  1. Impeccable roundness and balance.
  2. Consistent weight and hardness across all balls.
  3. Vibrant colors that catch the eye.
  4. Resistance to friction, ensuring smooth rolling and reliable reactions.
  5. Available in 2 1/4", 2 1/8", 2 1/16", 2" and 1 7/8"

By investing in Aramith balls, you can be confident that you are acquiring one of the finest ball sets available in the market. Aramith phenolic balls are known to outlast polymer or polyester alternatives by up to five times. Extensive billiards-play simulations have demonstrated that even after enduring 400,000 hits, Aramith phenolic balls remain fully playable, whereas other balls become unusable.


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