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Delivery and installation are done by our qualified technicians
Prices are as follows for delivery in Laval (QC)

Billiard table size of 6’, 7’ or 8’ :399$
Billiard table size of 9’ :425$
Billiard table size of 10’ :550$
Billiard table size of 12’ :800$
Other game tables :150$

Delivery price for any other product will depend on weight and distance
Please call 450 963 5060 for delivery outside Laval

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CANADA BILLIARD visits all five continents on a regular basis. For an urgent delivery by plane, international moving by truck or important delivery by boat, we have the expertise to answer all your needs


CANADA BILLIARD can honestly say that we have the widest choice of TABLE PARTS in our workshop for any repair — onsite or at your home — for any table game or BILLIARD ACCESSORIES. Our REPAIR SERVICE can count on highly qualified personal

Don’t hesitate to ask for a QUOTE

CANADA BILLIARD will gladly help you disassemble, store if needed, move and reassemble your table. We also offer equipment rental (like a dolly) in order to move your table


You’re planning a big event for work or family?

Consult our RENTAL PAGE or ASK US anything, it will be our pleasure to assist you

Although the installation by a qualified technician is highly recommended, it is entirely possible for you to change your billiard table cloth

Detailed instructions on installation will be given on demand according to your choice of cloth. You don’t need much material to change a table cloth but you do need to be handy, patient and meticulous

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CANADA BILLIARD is proud of its product quality and offers the best warranty on the market for all of their billiard tables

We only use premium quality parts
Everything is built right here in Canada!

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We hope the product you bought will give your entire satisfaction. But if for a reason or another you are not satisfied, simply return your product with your original invoice within 30 days of original purchase to get an exchange or refund

A 15% inventory charge could be applied on certain items


On the link below, you can find your brand of cue and find the JOINT STYLE/PIN type commonly used by each manufacturer

Proudly introducing the all-new Cuetec Cynergy 15K Carbon Composite Shaft. Designed and developed with the input and direction of five-time U.S. Open Champion, Shane Van Boening, the Cynergy 15K was engineered for world-class performance.

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When it comes to choosing the weight and style of your darts, there really isn't a wrong answer. Typically you will change darts after your first year of throwing, so don't spend a lot until you have a better idea as to which dart fits your style.

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There are six core variations of tables around the world. These styles are American, Czech, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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