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Super Aramith Pro billiard ball set
Features :

1 Matching professional set
Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set.

2 Approved worldwide
Professional-grade Aramith phenolic resin, widely used in tournaments around the world.

3 Includes dotted Aramith cue ball
For precise shots and optimal ball repositioning.

4 Exceptional durability
Through-hardened vitrified surface with very high density for exceptional scratch and shock resistance.

5 Lowest annual table cost
Extra-durable smooth surface minimizes table cloth wear for exceptional cloth and ball longevity.

6 Made of Super Aramith Pro
The most premium phenolic resin available, engineered in the company's own laboratories.

7 Professional-grade specifications
For all criteria: density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness, weight.