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Just as their name implies, AVID Surge Series jump cues efficiently deliver an effortless rush of energy. Constructed utilizing multiple-layers of specifically oriented glass fibers bonded to a kiln-dried, A+ grade maple core for unrivaled lift, each AVID Surge JMP cue features a low-deflection Power+ front-end and weighs a svelte 9.50 ounces – allowing the shaft to more easily get out of its own way, especially with highly-elevated jump shots. With so much advanced technology inside, your opponents won’t be in a rush to play you safe.

• Surge Power Lift Taper
• 15” Surge Jump Handle
• Silver and Gold Power Twist Rings
• Black Collar and Butt Cap
• Silver Cuetec and AVID butt cap logos
• CT logo joint protectors


When Cuetec engineers set out to develop the AVID Surge break and jump cues, their mandate was clear; Take everything Cuetec engineers had learned developing the AVID playing cue platform, the Cynergy Breach Break Cue, and the Cynergy Propel Jump Cue, and combine those elements to create a world-class, high-performance break and jump cue series at a more attainable, value-oriented price. The results of those efforts are now clear. Avid Surge cues deliver superior performance, even when compared with cues costing hundreds of dollars more.

GLASS COMPOSITE BONDED: Cuetec’s AVID Surge shafts are constructed with multi-plies of glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln dried hard maple. This advanced patent-pending construction and bonding process not only strengthens each Surge shaft, but also increasing the shaft’s dynamic stiffness. The .75mm bonded glass composite layers run the entire length of the AVID shaft, with each layer oriented to maximize performance and durability. The result of this layering process is a shaft that exhibits the feel of wood, with the increased power and longevity of a composite.

AIR LIGHT FRONT-END CONSTRUCTION: Less weight means less deflection. Benefiting from their ultra-strong glass composite wood bonding construction, every AVID Surge shaft features Cuetec’s Air Light front-end build. This construction allows the AVID shaft to be bored out more than 10 inches, creating an ultra-rigid cavity with far less mass, resulting in a more accurate and durable shaft.

POWER+ PHENOLIC FERRULE: Measuring only 7mm in length, the rock-hard, Power+ phenolic ferrule on each AVID Surge shaft not only protects the impact point for Surge’s supercharged energy delivery, but also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

POWER+ PHENOLIC TIP & GLASS PAD: Selected for their durability and energy transfer attributes, each AVID Surge shaft is paired with a Power+ phenolic tip backed by an ultra-strong, and oriented-fiber glass tip pad. The pad’s fiber orientation better evenly distributes impact forces and when paired with the Power+ tip delivers increased energy, whether its blasting through the rack, or over a ball.


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Standard Butt Length 15"
Standard Shaft Length: 29”
Standard Tip: Power+ Phenolic with Glass Pad (Extra Hard)
Joint: 3/8×14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black
Standard Cue & Shaft Weight: 9.5oz
Standard Shaft Weight: 4.5oz
Wrap: None