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Weight 17oz

Cuetec Classic Burgundy 58'' 10mm Snooker Cue

These 58 inch, high quality, wood cues are permanently encased in Power Bond fibreglass for increased performance, durability and a slick look. Features a solid one piece ash stained coloured butt, with a single flame inlay, and a clear woven fiberglass over maple shaft. The shaft ends with a 1/2'' brass ferrule and a medium-soft leather tip.

Every Cuetec fiberglass cue has a solid wood core. Our unique, patented process permanently bonds fiberglass to each cue, sealing out moisture and other atmospheric conditions that can ruin traditional wood cues. Now you can have the true play and feel of a wood cue, with added strenght, durability, warp and dent resistance. Dirt and chalk can be washed away with a damp cloth!

  • 57 inch
  • 10 mm tip
  • Unique patented process that bonds fiberglass to each cue
  • 1/2'' brass ferrule
  • Solid one piece ash stained coloured butt
  • Flame inlay
  • Dirt and chalk can be washed away with a damp cloth