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100% Stainless Steel leisure petanque boules
64MM approx.
Weight//Poids : 500 gr (1,4 lbs) ea.//ch.

Ready-to-petanque kit
Finish : natural stainless steel satin
  • Boule specially designed for children, preferably under 12 years of age. For initiation with their first steel boules
  • Solid stainless steel : only requires occasional maintenance
  • The impact of their manufacturing on the environment has been reduced to a minimum by eliminating the chemical surface protection (chrome coating)
  • Ready-to-petanque kit: 3-boule set, one jack, a bag (does not replace a proper transport pouch) and a warranty card
  • In a cardboard box so that you can choose your own pouch
  • These boules are not allowed in competitions
  • 100% of the balls sold by Obut are designed and made in Saint- Bonnet-le-Château, France, in keeping with sustainable development, ecological design and protection of the environment.


    • 100% solid stainless steel boules
    • Finish : natural stainless steel satin

    • Junior Leisure stainless steel boules are of a diameter and a weight suitable for the hands and strength of children aged up to 12 years

    • Obut Junior Chevron Leisure boules are not allowed in competitions

  • Real traditional product defined by 4 essential quality and safety criteria:
  • Type of material: 100% stainless steel
  • Hollow boules, with no foreign bodies inside
  • The same weight for all the boules in the same set
  • Sphericity and balance


  • Depending on how intensively they are used and the sort of terrain, ambient humidity, etc., to avoid oxidation, Junior Point Leisure boules require a little care and attention after each game and at least once a month if they are not used


    • Even when the products are stored in the right conditions, long-term storage requires the use of a specific product: the cleaner developed by Obut meets this requirement.
      Applied once a month, it forms a protective film on your boules and perfectly preserves the alloy, as well as keeping a perfect shine of your boules. And because maintaining your pétanque boules should not be a chore, the Obut maintenance spray is easy and ready to use, it is also formulated to be environmentally friendly and, of course, to protect the user.

Obut's advice: Do not leave your boules in the boot of your car: it is exposed to sudden changes in temperature that cause condensation. In the long term, this high humidity will be detrimental to your boules by creating conditions that lead to rusting.
So remember to take your boules out of your trunk and store them indoors in a dry place.