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This resource offers a comprehensive guide to billiards, covering every aspect of the game from beginner level instruction to advanced techniques like combination and kiss shots. The step-by-step approach ensures that even those with little to no prior experience can easily follow along and improve their skills. The guide also includes a detailed breakdown of the championship game of 14.1 rack, allowing players to hone their abilities to a professional level.


Willie Mosconi is regarded as the greatest pocket billiard player of all time. Since 1941 he has had a virtual monopoly on the World's Championship, and holds many pocket billiards records.

In this book, he explains every phase of the game from fundamentals to championship play. There is complete instruction for beginners in such elementary steps as the selection of the cue; the proper grip, stance. and bridge; the stroke and follow-through; cueing the ball; and hitting the object ball. Then in step-by-step fashion, with many helpful diagrammatic action photographs, the player is taken through the finer points of combination and kiss shots, the proper application of English, the speed of stroke, and the championship game 14.1 rack.

Would you like the thrill of mastering this fascinating sport? The satisfaction of developing a skill which will give you high runs and put you ahead in competition? Then follow Willie Mosconi's vivid instructions and his practical formula for pocket billiards play.